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How To View Textbook Solutions


This documentation is to help you use URL Grabber For Textbook Solutions to use with Textsheet. Please go through the documentation. It's not that long.


Here is a list of programs needed for this

  1. Google Chrome browser (unfortunately, other browsers are not supported)
  2. URL Grabber For Textbook Solutions extension. Get it here URL Grabber for Textbook Solutions

Getting Started #back to top

Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the URL Grabber For Textbook Solutions.

How It Looks

URL Grabber For Textbook Solutions

Click on "ADD TO CHROME" to install the plugin.

This plugin is only necessary to view textbook solutions.

⚠️ It may seem like it just copys the URL but it adds a very important id at the end of the URL that is needed for textbook solutions.

How to Use Plugin #back to top

Find Textbook - #back to top

Find the textbook you need solutions for on Chegg

Chapter And Problem - #back to top

Select the chapter and problem

Plugin Use - #back to top

Click the URL grabber For Textbook Solutions' icon and click 'copy' to copy the URL

Textsheet - #back to top

Go to Textsheet.com and paste the URL into the search bar

View solution - #back to top

Click on either button and the solution should show

Support #back to top

Feel free to contact us if you experience any problems.

email @support

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